• IoT Explorer

    Presentation of the LoRa technology and its possibilites as well as aligning the customer needs during an initial meeting.

  • Technology Showcase

    Showcase of an already tested and in the SENS network integrated LoRa device including the associated application by one of our IoT experts. If required, a temporary LoRa coverage will be set up at the site.

  • Discovery Workshop

    From an idea to an application – Joint development of an IoT solution with definition of commercial and technical project requirements. After the workshop, the client will receive a written concept of the cornerstones defined in the workshop and an offer for the implementation of the IoT solution as part of a proof of concept.
  • Proof of Concept

    As part of a proof of concept, together with the customer we examine  the commercial and technical feasibility of the predefined IoT solution. The proof of concept includes network planning and set-up of the LoRaWAN coverage, set-up of the defined application, API access as well as the development of a user interface (for example web app, dashboard) for the defined duration of the project. An SLA can be completed for the trial period. It is recommended to define the exact project requirements in advance.

  • LoRaWAN Development Kit

    Indoor gateway incl. SENS Data Platform test account for IoT solution development and test scenarios for a pre-defined period. No SLA included.

  • Operations and Support

    Following the successful completion of a Proof of concept, we prepare the commercial roll-out of the IoT application together with the customer and manage the launch and ongoing support of the application.

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